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With everybody getting fit and trying to loose weight I noticed that green tea is a hit. People love green tea because it will help you loose weight. I really noticed the rise in green tea buying but strangely enough. So read more if you want to know more about white tea and the benefits.

Super healthy tea!

 White tea is made from immature tea leaves that are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened. The tea takes its name from the silver fuzz that still covers the buds, which turns white when the tea is dried. The exact proportion of buds to leaves varies depending on the variety of white tea. For example, White Peony contains one bud for every two leaves, while Silver Needles, the creme de la creme of white teas, is made entirely from downy buds picked within a two day period in early Spring. Of course, an exotic appearance alone doesn't explain white tea's sudden surge in popularity. The secret lies in what happens after the buds are plucked. Tea leaves destined to be sold as white tea undergo even less processing than green tea leaves. Instead of air-drying, the unwithered leaves are merely steamed.

Some people wish to lose a few extra pounds along with drinking green tea extract, actually, white-colored tea is really a better selection than green tea extract because white-colored tea includes a concentration associated with antioxidants which is three times more than in green tea extract, this can cause you to burn fat quicker. So why is white tea more unknown? I do not know. It is also said to lower cholesterol and blood presure.

Me personally, I am in love with white tea from the English Tea shop. But I also love white tea infused with fruits. Leave me a comment with your favorite kind of tea.
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