One Ginger Morning

Wake up princess and get up. I stretch, yawn into the pillow and grasped at the dream. Full curiosity to the new day. That is the text in German on my new body lotion, normally I do no go for something called Ginger or green colored but I after smelling this lotion I decided to buy it. I went for the 60ml travel bottle because I wanted to try it out before buying a full version. So do read more!

Not food, Not tested on animals

Before I start this review I want to note that the package has a nice little text on it that states "Also you can not eat this product, it would not taste good. And this product is tested on our self and not on animals" So a big plus for that Treaclemoon. The bottle I bought is the perfect size for traveling or to toss in your sport bag. I tend to forget to put lotion on my legs before going to volleyball. So this palm sized bottle really comes in handy. The bottle has a pump what is also a big plus for me, I really hate to squirt,shake and work hard to get the product out, of coarse I have no idea how the last bit will go out because I have not finished this bottle but for now I am really happy with the pump. 

The lotion itself is rather thick, it does not run when you hold your hand side way. This one is for a normal to dry skin, it slightly moisturizing but does not leave a sticky moist feeling. The scent is strong and fresh, it reminds me of a sour apple but I assume it is meant to smell like ginger but I am not sure how ginger smells. The lotion leaves your skin soft and I really like this.

What do you think about this lotion? Do leave me a comment!

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