Lets work-out!

As a home workout girl I am trying to build my own miniature gym. The money I save on gas to travel to the gym, and let me note the nearest gym is 30 minutes with the car and the money I save on a membership I try to spend on equipment. I have some nice weights, a bike and my trusty Wii. But I still have a few things on my wishlist. To be exact, I have 4 things on my wishlist. Everything listed above is something I really want. Do read more to see where you can get these things and what I want them for.

Starting above at the left we have the Gym door set. I think this set is perfect to tone my upperarms and get rid of these flabby chicken wings. You can also use this thing as pull up bar, something that I always wanted to try after seeing this video by this handsome fella.

Yoga Matt in  many different styles. Yoga mats always come in handy and I love the many different styles. My current one is feeling kind of flimsy so I am debating on getting a thicker one.
kettle bell set and loose kettle bells, kettle bells workouts are really variation and there are so many different kinds. I am debating on getting myself a few kettle bells, I am just debating on the weight.

Weightloss hoola hoop many different styles. Last summer I was really into hooping what I did with a kids hoop that was pink and glittery. These hoops have special designs that help burning fat. Some are weighted down to make it even harder. I really want to try this.

What is on your sports wishlist?

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