Aim for the stars

We always set new goals for the new year, and today on Fit Friday I want to write about goals that you can set and how to set healthy goals that you can keep up. Often we shoot for the stars yet we crash and burn a few months later, I am going to give you some tips how you can shoot for the stars and land between them.

Enjoy in moderation

I know a lot of people who set weightless as a goal and decide to stop eating candy and sweets. They go cold turkey the moment 1 January starts. This is a completely wrong way and the moment you 'fall of the wagon' and eat some candy you will feel so bad that you stop completely because you feel like a failure. Aim for a 20/80 lifestyle where you eat 80% healthy and the remaining 20% you eat what you crave. One cookie  or that one piece of pie at your birthday or that glass of alcohol at a party will not ruin your healthy lifestyle. It will help you keep up the good work, it will help you control those cravings. Moderation is the key. So do not say "For 2014 I will stop eating 'bad' foods"  but say "I will have a healthy lifestyle where I will eat 80% healthy and 20% whatever I want!" And it does not matter if weight comes of slowly, it is recommended because ways that goes of fast will come back but if you aim for 0.5 kilo a week it will stay away.

Do not go crazy

It might sound like a good idea in the beginning to work out 7 times a week and in the beginning it might feel good. When you want to loose weight you need muscle so you work-out, but what most people do not realize is that we need to give our body time to restore itself and build those muscles. So that is why rest days are needed. Try not to work out to many times a week and when you work out a few times in a row do try to switch muscle groups. Getting fit is not something that happens in 2 weeks but it is a process, take your time and you will keep up your good healthy habits.

What is your healthy goal for 2013? Do leave me a comment!
Also today I have a second article planned with some motivation to keep up your new healthy habits. So do check back soon!

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