And more important how to ease your pain.

Yesterday I was working out like mad, I did not plan it but somehow I did 2.5 hours of strength followed by 2 hours of volleyball. After that I was beat, broken and slightly dying. Today I am still feeling the muscles I used yesterday and let me tell you I really feel them. And I have to admit today I felt like a granny every time I got up and sat down because somehow everything seemed to go slower and less smooth. But yeah every time we work-out hard to try something new we risk muscle aches. Those are normal but not fun. So today a little article how to ease your pain. I speak from experience, we need some pain control.

Hot & Cold

To be honest I never knew what I preferred to treat muscle aches, I know a lot of people who swear by cold and a lot who really like hot. I went and searched for you guys and what I found is something I always apply myself. Cold slows down the blood flow and slows down the pain messages send to the brain. I really like this after exercising, I take a nice cold shower. But I do have to admit that most showers where I sport are really cold and can not be set warm. But an ice-pack also works, you should aim for 20 minutes. Hot on the other hand helps to relieve tightness of the muscles and lets them relax also it improves the blood flow. Ideally you could turn your shower from cold to hot after 20 minutes. But I do not have that sadly enough so at home I heat up a warming pack and apply that for longer then 20 minutes. 


The next time I swear by is by my mom. No idea where she heard it from but I heard it from her. I really want to crawl into my bed and stay there laying still till the pain is gone. But it is actually better to keep moving and slightly stretching. Staying in one cramped position makes the muscles tense and that is something we try to prevent. Massaging the spot that hurts will also help.

So that are my two golden tips. Hot and Cold. But also keep on moving! What are your golden tips?

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