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As we know catrice has a new collection coming up, so sadly enough a lot of things are leaving. Like this pretty amazing quatro but also the lipstick I am going to show today. I bought this because I really wanted it before it left, also the discount was very nice. Most stores have different discounts but most are 50% or more. But yeah, today I am going to show you this pretty amazing red lipstick! Read more for swatches

Pretty amazing red

I really love how this red shade looks, I am not sure if it is a matt shade like the name implies but it looks really nice. It is more toned down then the regular shiny red lipsticks that I own. I think the color is very nice and would look great with a lot of different lo0oks. I also love the fact that my teeth look white-er when I wear this lipstick.

What do you think about this shade? Would you wear it, tell me below in a comment!

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