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As most of you guys know, catrice is renewing there assortment and so some products are leaving for a nice discount. Some stores have a 50% discount others have set prices. I decided to take two things with me, an eye shadow palette and one lipstick. The eyeshadow called because I loved the three natural colors. Do read more for swatches and more information.


As you can see above the colors have a decent amount of pigment, I created the swatches by swiping my finger over it and then swatching it on my hand. I did not use an eyeshadow base or water. So I have to say the pigment is very nice! But to be honest when applied with a brush the pigment was a lot less. But for this pigment I am willing to use my finger, even when I prefer my brushes. I created two looks. I am personally more fond of using the three natural shades then adding the bright blue, but I tried! I had a really hard time applying the blue because with a brush the color was almost not noticeable but with my finger it could not be applied in a neat manner.  

So what do you think about this pallet, leave or take? Are you happy to see it go or would you not buy it anyways? Do leave me a comment with what you think! 

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