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Recently I have been on the lookout for some new bags, I have been wanting a shoulder bag with a chain and some studs for a while now and I also like the idea of a printed backpack. Both items are currently on my wishlist and I have been strolling sites to find them. But recently I came across those two bags on eBay. I am not sure yet on what colors I want but I decided to make an article to share with you all because they are very decent priced. Read more to see the bags and links.


First of is this bag in three colors. It features a load of studs and a slightly longer strap. I am really fond of these style bags that are perfect for your wallet, glasses and some little knicknacks. This bag is only $12.99 by this seller here. I am leaning towards the red version at the moment but I also really like the blue. What do you think?


This bag here comes in 9 patterns and features ether a two pocket design or a three pocket. It is also very gently priced at $13. I would rock this bag for longer trips where carrying a handbag would be to heavy and a large backpack would be to big. This would be perfect on vacation or a citytrip but also when you need to go to school. I am personally leaning towards the bright aztec design but the other patterns are also very nice. But I am also leaning towards the black and white aztec here

What is your favorite bag? 

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