And more important how to ease your pain.

Yesterday I was working out like mad, I did not plan it but somehow I did 2.5 hours of strength followed by 2 hours of volleyball. After that I was beat, broken and slightly dying. Today I am still feeling the muscles I used yesterday and let me tell you I really feel them. And I have to admit today I felt like a granny every time I got up and sat down because somehow everything seemed to go slower and less smooth. But yeah every time we work-out hard to try something new we risk muscle aches. Those are normal but not fun. So today a little article how to ease your pain. I speak from experience, we need some pain control.

Super cute watches

Today I am going to share something that is on my eBay wishlist. As you can see above it are watches with a pretty print. These watches are very dainty and would perfect on an armparty. I can see these being stacked with a load of bracelets or just with one silver bracelet. They are super cheap for only $2.99 and $3.56 and both come in 8 colors. What do you prefer Stripes or Chevron? Click the name to go the the listing. 

Do leave me a comment with your favorite color watch. My favorite has to be the Tiffany blue watch!

260 Its a Matt World

As we know catrice has a new collection coming up, so sadly enough a lot of things are leaving. Like this pretty amazing quatro but also the lipstick I am going to show today. I bought this because I really wanted it before it left, also the discount was very nice. Most stores have different discounts but most are 50% or more. But yeah, today I am going to show you this pretty amazing red lipstick! Read more for swatches

Pandora safety chain in silver with hearts in box

With hearts

I am sorry but again an article about pandora and what I got for my bracelet. My Granny told me that I could buy two more things for my bracelet after the holidays. I decided on a safety chain and a charm, the chain is going to be in today article but the charm is going to take some weeks because I had to get it ordered. But yeah, lets talk about my safety chain, read more for more pictures!

In instagram pictures

So for January I snapped some pictures on my instagram
I collaged them together in todays article. I do hope you enjoy and please click the read more button.

Rose elegant

Colors and smooths your lips in just one sweep making them soft and plumped up. They are instantly fuller and more supple and beautiful. - what the package promises. I personally never heard about the brand Dr Pierre and the moment my mom told me about it, I decided to order myself a lipstick. This is from a France based company and I am pleasantly surprised. 

In Hydrate! 

Recently I got the baby lips in hydrate, you might have read the article about the baby lips in Cherry Me. I also got this one for the same price of €2.45. While Cherry me was there to add color, hydrate ofcoarse is there to hydrate. So read more to hear what I think about this one.

What is your current motivation

Today a little article to those who are working on getting thinner, getting stronger or just working out because they are healthy. The above picture is my current favorite inspirational image. 

What is the motivation that keeps you going, leave a comment down below!

Crossbody bag and backpack

Recently I have been on the lookout for some new bags, I have been wanting a shoulder bag with a chain and some studs for a while now and I also like the idea of a printed backpack. Both items are currently on my wishlist and I have been strolling sites to find them. But recently I came across those two bags on eBay. I am not sure yet on what colors I want but I decided to make an article to share with you all because they are very decent priced. Read more to see the bags and links.

090 Before or after eight

As most of you guys know, catrice is renewing there assortment and so some products are leaving for a nice discount. Some stores have a 50% discount others have set prices. I decided to take two things with me, an eye shadow palette and one lipstick. The eyeshadow called because I loved the three natural colors. Do read more for swatches and more information.

One Ginger Morning

Wake up princess and get up. I stretch, yawn into the pillow and grasped at the dream. Full curiosity to the new day. That is the text in German on my new body lotion, normally I do no go for something called Ginger or green colored but I after smelling this lotion I decided to buy it. I went for the 60ml travel bottle because I wanted to try it out before buying a full version. So do read more!

Volume and different pictures

Currently I am working on new pictures for the blog, I decided to take a different turn from 'white background' and make it a tad more interesting. That is something you guys will see with the next blogposts. Also at the moment I am really into hair and then big poofy hair, I am trying out different ways to add volume to my hair from curlers to prepping it and blow drying. I am thinking about changing my hair once and for all, I am still debating on going brown or going gray. I really like the gray at the moment but then again most people go darker in the winter. I do not want to look like a snow bunny the moment that snow is going to hit. Also talking about snow, Holland is currently talking about snow hitting somewhere this week and I am really hopping that it is a mistake and that we will have a snow free year. I might sound a tad like the Grinch but with trainrides to school, you do not want snow and the added travel time that brings. What more, I finally found a mascara this last week what added length to my stubby lashes so I am really happy about it.
Also one day I hope to own a camera so I can vlogstyle these kind of articles. What do you think about that? 

Jewelry for a great discount

Today I have a nice little article, I picked my favorite sale jewelry pieces from ASOS. This site has to be my favorite because it has free shipping and unique pieces, I know not a lot of people will have the same thing I order so I always look on ASOS. I picked a few of my favorites that you can see above. It goes from a cut out bangle to a lot of statement necklaces. So do click read more for a full list to the items.

Stamping all the way!

Hello! Let me start with saying sorry because I put up the Friday article on Tuesday and yesterday I had not article. To put it short in text, I had a lot of schoolwork the last few weeks and I tried to keep up with everything but I failed this week. I am sorry but I am trying my best. But that is not the point for today today I want to show you all the stamping plates from KKcenterHK, I tried two different stamping plates, one that is really known and one that is a tad more unknown.

Lets work-out!

As a home workout girl I am trying to build my own miniature gym. The money I save on gas to travel to the gym, and let me note the nearest gym is 30 minutes with the car and the money I save on a membership I try to spend on equipment. I have some nice weights, a bike and my trusty Wii. But I still have a few things on my wishlist. To be exact, I have 4 things on my wishlist. Everything listed above is something I really want. Do read more to see where you can get these things and what I want them for.

Is this an apocalypse? 

So when I was shopping recently something weird happened. I saw a display that was ransacked and featured colors of the Rimmel apocalypse that I have not seen before for a killer cheap price. So I decided to grab one of the shades still available. But the moment I came home I noticed that the brand was not Rimmel but Manhatten. So read more to see how these shades measure up against each other, lets call it a battle? 

My Diary for the week

Today a dairy post with some pictures of what I have been up to this week. I did not take that many pictures because I spend a lot of time on my paper for school. Still I collected enough pictures for article. So do read more!

Studs belt

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the lovely brand pimp your shoes that sells a fairly unknown concept to me. But the moment I saw the site I knew that this was something very great. I am somebody who adores some metal on my footwear and especially shoes with spikes or studs. I often passed up a pair of perfect shoes because they where to plain or had no studs. Well that struggle is over ow thanks to pink your shoes. Do read more...

New year, New necklace?

With 2014 here I decided to change my style up a bit. I want to be a tad more chic in my closet but still very on trend. Because I am buying a few more black tops I wanted something to make it more stand out. And to be honest a big necklace is perfect for that. And recently I was having a discussion with my granny who saw an similar necklace in a store and wanted to buy it, those where round 30 euros to these necklaces are ranging from 4-6 euro. So now I ordered her one from eBay. But I decided that I also wanted one for myself. After days for searching I found the above four All from this amazing seller here. But now I have idea what I want. What is your favorite?
Leave me a comment with what necklace you prefer
Till next time,

Better then green!

With everybody getting fit and trying to loose weight I noticed that green tea is a hit. People love green tea because it will help you loose weight. I really noticed the rise in green tea buying but strangely enough. So read more if you want to know more about white tea and the benefits.

09 wear berries

For the holidays I decided to buy a new lipstick color and I wore these on the first day of Christmas. I personally think this is a color that will suit many people  This lipstick was only €2.39 what is really a steal. It makes me want to buy more of these lipsticks, if I am correct there are 10 different shades and I got my heart set on the coral shade in this collection. But today an article about the lovely shade Wear Berries! Read more for swatches and what I think about this.

Watery waste

Today I wanted to share my new favorite nail polish by maybelline. It is a silver slightly blue shade. I have no idea why it is called watery waste because the name does not make sense but I think the color is amazing. I got this for €4 and it has 7ml. I used 3 layers in these pictures, it looks a tad streaky to be honest but I have to admit that it adds to the metallic charm. Do read more for an other picture.

From eBay

A few days ago I heard the familiar sound of the mailbox and a yellow envelope. And people who are slightly eBay addicted like me know what that means, items from eBay! I ripped own the envelope like a beast would rip up food. Out came rolling 'all over the floor' these 5 rings. These where an impulse buy but I really liked them the moment I put them on my fingers. Do you want to see how these look worn and where to get these 'super cheap' do read more.

Pandora base bracelet in silver

Pandora bracelet and charms

For Christmas I had only one thing on my wishlist and that was a Pandora bracelet and perhaps some charms. To be honest I went to pick this one because my parents had no idea what a Pandora bracelet was and where to get it. They told me the budget for charms and I picked two charms and kept far under budget. One charm that I would be getting for Christmas was not in stock but the moment it comes back I will get that one and make some pictures for you all.

This week and last week

Today a new article that will be done weekly. I will make a list of the articles of last week and give you a little preview on what is planned for the next week. I do hope you enjoy this article and tell me in the comments what you think.

19 pieces under €15

Nelly is currently having an amazingly large sale on their site with a lot of great discounts ranging from 50-80% I decided to share my favorite pieces all under €15 ranging from skirts to tops to dresses. If you are ready to update your wardrobe this is the perfect time. So do read more for links and pictures!

Fitspo for all!

We all need some motivation? So for the second article of today we have an article full of motivation that hopefully keeps you going. So I went round Tumblr and picked up my favorite images. So click read more if you need some motivation! Also a little tip, these images would be perfect as wallpaper on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Aim for the stars

We always set new goals for the new year, and today on Fit Friday I want to write about goals that you can set and how to set healthy goals that you can keep up. Often we shoot for the stars yet we crash and burn a few months later, I am going to give you some tips how you can shoot for the stars and land between them.

First wishlist of the year.

Currently there are many sales and many great deals. I think ASOS is a site that has a lot of great stuff and more important unique stuff. It is my go to site next to eBay and I think the asortiment is simply amazing. Above I showed my current wishlist that has 5 items on it, to read more about it click 'read more' also it includes links to the products.

Smooth berry

So recently I got an other lip product that is matt. I adore matt shades lately because they fit more looks then super shiny bright colors. To be honest when I bought this without swatching and I just picked out at random and it might have helped that this one was called berry and I have been buying a lot of berry related things. Read more for swatches and more information.

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