Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day

I might not be the best poser, and my sisters bed does not make the best background. But I wanted to show my two outfit for Christmas. I lost 5 kilo so far but I had trouble finding nice things to wear. In the end I got a top and a dress. I might not look the 'most' festive but I really liked these two outfits. I wore a basic black skirt in both pictures, I really needed it on the left because H&M makes really short dresses. And the vest and blazer where both gifts I once received. The dress on the left is H&M currently on sale for 7 euro and the top is also H&M sale and only 5 euro.

Do leave me a comment with what you wore on Christmas, and if you have blogged about your outfit do leave me a link to the article. Please do not use this to spam your blog there will be a spam your blog article online in the new year

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