My top three what I ordered

So I have three things that I really wanted a new mouse, a pair of mirror sunglasses and a vest. So I went to eBay and I ordered these three things. They where actually cheaper then cheap. Lets start top left with the mirror sunnies for only $2.72 they actually have a lot of colors but I showed the one that I ordered and personally liked the best. I adore this trend but I know some people do not like them because they remind them of bikerglasses or bug eyes but yeah I admit I love it. Then we have a little mouse I ordered for my computer  for only $2.52 what is dirty cheap. I wanted this one because it was white and I adore how they look. I know in stores you easy pay 10 euro for a mouse so eBay is really great. And last but not least a knitted lace-like vest that looks far more expensive then the price $4.32. I ordered mine in army green but I got my eyes on beige and black. 

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