Dark Vintage used

So recently I got these wonderful jeans from Jeans Centere and they are The Garcia Rosa Dark Vintage Wash a pair of nice jeans with regular straight legs and a normal waist. What I really like is the double button closure and the nice little details that you can read more about later. So do click read more because at the moment these jeans have a great discount. 

Jeans for everyday

These jeans are perfect for everyday wear, these are my first pair of Garcia Jeans and they feel really sturdy. You know these jeans where you wear them twice and they start pilling or the fabric starts to get thin, with these jeans I did not encounter the problem yet and I am pretty sure I will not get that problem because they are nice and thick. And also the fact that they are thick makes them perfect for these cold days. The details on these jeans are amazing, as I said the double buttons are a nice touch and the stitching adds a great detail. The left side of the collage features above a pocket as you can see it as a label on it and some stitches what makes it really stand out. And the below image is part of the waistband that had that nifty little detail. These jeans are currently on sale here for €79.99 to €55.00 what is a really decent price. They have four kind of washes so for everybody something.Also check the facebook page from Jeans Centere

So what do you think about my new jeans? Like the cut and design or do you prefer a different kind of jeans?

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