Hello 2014

I want to start this article with saying thank you to everybody who has played a part in my blog, small or big. To the readers who read my blog, to the people who told me they like my blog, to the people who worked together with my blog, to everybody just clicked my little link. 2013 held a lot of high notes for me but it was also a year that I am glad to pass so I can start a better year. Do read more what my plans are for next year.

Better blog

I saw my blog grow and grow and I think I got a long way from where I started but still I need to be better and improve a lot. I am going to try and show more make-up pictures, It is really something I enjoy doing and I do hope to add it more to my blog. Also nailpolish and nailart. Currently I fear making pictures of my nails because somehow they always look semi-messy so I will try to be more clean and picture ready. Also I want to try am work in a more structured way and keep set articles on set days.

More fitness!

Currently I am doing a fit friday and I do feel it is not a big part of my blog because it only comes back once a week and I am debating on publishing two articles on certain days and adding to health, fitness, workout articles a week. Also I am going to keep up personally with my current healthy lifestyle, I really feel great and I am slowly losing weight. What more could I ask for.

And that is everything, I tried to keep it short and sweet because I would rather not spam this up with cliche promises. So that where my own goals for 2014. Do leave your goals for 2014 in the comments. 

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