Smooth berry

So recently I got an other lip product that is matt. I adore matt shades lately because they fit more looks then super shiny bright colors. To be honest when I bought this without swatching and I just picked out at random and it might have helped that this one was called berry and I have been buying a lot of berry related things. Read more for swatches and more information.

More a raspberry...

So this color is really red, it reminds me of a raspberry. I really love this product because it stays on really decent. It also has a nice little applicator that makes it easy to apply. This shade was only €1.99 so if you want to try out something new, check out these lip creams. This slightly stains your lips when you wear it and dries up matt. 

I really like this, this might not be my favorite product yet but I think it does what it needs to do for a very good price. What do you think about this product?

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