Not a great week...but decent

So today I have an other currently for you. I am debating on changing the currently to something ells or atleast a different name to sort them better. But that will be done in the new year. As you might have guessed from the title it has not been a good week on some fronts. So if you click read more you will ready why. 

Lets start with the tooth

So the tooth...that is a weird story sadly enough. So I put a piece of gum in my mouth and I went out of the door ready for my day. I was chewing till I felt something hard in my gum. I was so surprised that I checked my gum and I noticed that a piece of my tooth broke off. I have no idea how that happened but it was horrible. So I got a tiny bit of my tooth broken off and I need to get this fixed. So it was a 'great' start of my week

New stuff

But I also got some good stuff this week, I went shopping for clothing and scored some new sweaters and some new pants. Both where very much needed, there is snowing coming towards Holland and I do not own that many sweaters. I got two sweaters one with pallets and one with glitters so really festive. And the pants, well what can I say? Most pants that I own are falling off my butt and I really wanted a few pairs that really fit nice and snug. Also I got a new phone that I already used a lot especially for instagramming. And I got a new tablet that I can use to read books.

So do leave me a comment with your highlight of the week

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