December, be good for me!

Happy new month! And it is the last month of this year so I am super excited for the holiday season. I got a few things planned for this month and I am pretty sure there will also be great articles about that. So my head is really full of ideas at the moment and if you click 'read more' I will tell you what I am planning for this month.

Articles and all that jazz

We all know that December is the time to be jolly...tralala..Yes we all know the song. And in this season we also buy a load of gifts for everybody and you know just have a good time. I am planning to make a few posts about what I bought for my loved ones or perhaps make a big post with everything in it. So you can expect that very soon. 

Also I know a lot of people fear Christmas because it means 'food' and lots of unhealthy food. For me it is not a big problem because I like to cook healthy, so I am debating to show you guys snaps of my holiday food and perhaps make a big food blog post with inspiration.

Swatches and then nail polish swatches because I have 6 polishes here that I really want to show you all. I got pastels, glitters and color changing so I need to swatch those and take some good pictures. 

Also fashion is planned for this month, I decided to make a promises to myself and that was to buy myself a festive outfit to wear on Christmas and New Years if I could loose 5 kilo's. Now at the moment I am at 4.8 but yeah, I am planning to get those 0.2 off before Christmas so I do think I deserve the outfit that I promised myself. And that outfit will be showed of in a haul/outfit of the day. I really want to show more fashion on my blog and I think that is also one of my goals for the new year. Perhaps I can also show you all what I want to wear for make-up because I think the Holidays are perfect to go all out.

MORE INSTAGRAM! I have a instagram that you can view here. And I have a lot of fun snapping pictures of everyday thinks and selfies. But my current phone is not that great at taking pictures and I have no flash. Well my lovely dad is getting a new phone as Christmas gift and I am getting his 'old' phone. A perfect almost new Samsung Galaxy Advance. And that is a phone that has a flash and takes better pictures. So I am planning to instagram more and better. Also I am getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 because my dad is upgrading to an even better tablet. So that means I can also instagram with that. 

Also last but not least I have a small update on my blog, I am debating on getting a new layout that combines mint and perhaps pink. I am really working hard on it and I hope to have it online before the new year.

And I think that is everything I wanted to share for today. Leave me a comment with what you think of these kind of updates, do you want to hear what I have planned for every month or would you rather have a different currently?

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