35 On and on Bronze 

Do let me tell you about my addiction to color tattoo by maybelline. I am currently at my 6th color and I am in love with them.  I already own Pink Gold Light in purple Metallic Pomgrate Always Green & Infinite White. All colors that I really love. I use pink gold almost daily and the other colors are also perfection. But soon my heart called for a more 'normal' shade that would be great for daily wear. So I went out and bought on and on Bronze. Do read more for swatches and a look.

The basics

So this shade is called pink on and on bronze , number 35. The jar states that it is a gel-cream eyeshadow and the name implies that it should stay for 24 hours. About the package I can say little new, I also stated it here. I love these packages, they look clean expensive and unique. Also if you have more then one you can stack them and look at the prettiness in all its glory. This is really something I would collect because I adore the package, yet it is the inside that counts. Also price wise this one is very good, in Holland we have to pay 10 euro, for German girls round 6 euro and Americans pay a cheap 4.99 dollar. So those prices are very different but still very much worth it, it cheap enough for the quality you get.

Daily use

I really found these are perfect for daily wear, I have one brush that I use for these color tattoo and I just take a bit and spread it all over my lid. Then if I have time I add a little spoof of eye shadow but when I am rushing I just add a winged liner and I am done. It is really easy and the effect is very nice. It is perfect for school days that start early and it is very easy to master. Below you can see a swatch below and my 'easy' look that features just a tad of eyeliner and mascara. 

What do you think about this bronze god? Would you wear this or would you prefer an other shade?

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