A lot of bracelets!

I am currently in love with bracelets again and I found a lot of nice ones on eBay. These are perfect stacking and making your favorite arm party combinations. I tried to keep it very budget so you can buy more then one and really make a set of bracelets. So do read more to see where you can get everything!

This seller here sells a lot of bracelets. Above are my favorite six bracelets but to be honest I could have listed them all because they are really lovely. Most bracelets come in different colors so you can pick the one that matches your outfit best. They also have some really amazing chunky chain bracelets and a lot of variations with beads. I would really advice this listing here

This listing here sells the above bracelets in gold but it also comes in silver at this listing All for only $1.00. I really like this, I am debating on what to buy for myself. Any suggestions on what you like, leave me a comment with your favorite.

This next bracelet is inspired by some designer bling here is the listing for this bracelet that comes in silver, rose and gold. It also has the option to come with crystals. And to be honest it is a steal for only $6.99

These Shamballa bracets where a trend a while ago, this seller has the biggest collection I have seen on eBay. And that only for $1.52. I think these are perfect to layer with a lot of bracelets and to add a little pop of color or glitter. I personally picked a few color combinations that I already ordered.

And last but not least these 5 bracelets that are almost like the bracelets above but they feature a chain instead of balls. These bracelets are only $1.19 and you can get these at this seller here. I am personally very fond of the love one.

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