What I would love to get for 2014

I decided that I would stop buying so much jewelry and just set a goal of certain pieces that would complete my collection. I had a few key things that I really wanted and I decided to make a wishlist. Some things I specific want and some things I am still debating on what version I want. So do read more to see where to get this and what is on my wishlist.

Upper left we have an Initial ring, the one I showed is from Etsy and very lovely. I am still debating on what material I want for the ring and what letter. I really like the idea of getting two, my first letter and the first of my last name so I can make a pretty little stack. Perhaps two tone it with silver and rose gold. I really love how these initial rings look and they would fit many outfits.

The Letter Bar necklace is also from etsy. It is only €24 and features one letter. I think it is a nice touch to any outfit. It is dainty and cute. This one comes in silver and gold. I am not sure on what I want, I really like the silver version but I already have a few silver dainty necklaces so gold would be a nice change.

Rose Gold Monogram necklace one of the few things that I really want in rose gold. This one is on my wishlist for a rather long time, and I really want one.

House of Harlow 5 station necklace I am not really sure if I want this or an other statement necklace but I do think this necklace is very pretty.

I recently got a pandora bracelet and I am checking out charms, these 3 are high on my wishlist.Pandora Charms in Camera, Crown and Pave Star

And last but not least these silver Dji Dji Italia earrings that are stunning!

What is on your jewelry wishlist? What do you really want to get this year?

Till next time,

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