Today I got a really unique concept for you all. Time for Watching one of my favorite webshops designed there own jewelry collection that say more than words can say. It features rings. bracelets and necklaces so it is a full collection, all feature the same personalizing concept. So do read more to see what I got and a lot of pictures.

Shipping & Packaging

Let me start with telling you a bit about shipping and packaging. My package came in a sturdy cardboard box that fits trough my mailbox. Inside was the above package, something that would be perfect to receive as a gift and would surely be something that I would love to see under my Christmas three. It has a nice silver paper with stars and a ribbon that features the webshop name. The package held two cards with the press images that I personally adore. It is shot in black and white but shows the color of the jewelry. It also has a little booklet that shows you every piece in the collection. You can view those images at the time for watching blogpost here

My Ring

In the amazing white box came a steel ring featuring all different options. Steel, rose plated and gold plated. My ring features from top to bottom The silver Wish dream believe The small gold ribbel and The rose Carpe Diem and the base ring  The ring itself is very sturdy and feels slightly heavy, I prefer my rings that way because flimsy rings tend to bend yet this keeps it form.

As said you can exchange these rings so it will fit every outfit you want to wear. It is really easy, you just screw off the top and slide off the rings. This method makes it really sturdy, no need to worry if the rings will slide off because it is closed by the screw mechanism

First off sorry for my fingers that are slightly swollen. The ring itself is a statement piece and is lovely enough to wear on its down. I am sure this will suit a lot of people and is a great gift for the upcoming holidays. 

Do tell me what you think.

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