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Today I got something that I have been wanting to show you gals for sometime now. I have been rocking it on my nails but I have not gotten the chance to write this article. So today I got an article about the water water decals that KKcenterHK send me to try out. Read more to see what I think about this way to decorate your nails. 

Excuse the yellow on my nails...Somehow I had a polish that could not vanish.

So as you can see I picked two birds to put on my nails, the red one and the yellow one. Those two have to be my favorite out of the bunch but I got a whole lot of birds to put on my nails and I am sure I will try something more daring with these soon enough. But for the moment I put them on a green-blue polish.
This is the set I received and I think it is fair priced for $5.75 because it has a lot of details and it is small. I could never brush this design on my nails so the decals are a good alternative. here you can see all patterns. I love the floral ones, they seem perfect for a party or prom.

As I said this was my first try with decals and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these applied. I do have to admit that my first try failed. I just cut out one bird and tossed it in the water making it stick on the plastic on-top. You need to start with removing the little plastic and then leaving it in water for a 30 seconds, then the image slides right off and you can place it on your nails and topcoat it. 

I walked around with this for over a week now and the image is still firm on my nails. My nails currently have tipwear and they need a new color but the birds are still firmly where I put them.

So I am really happy with these decals I would advice them to people who want a little extra on there nails. 

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