With the holidays round the corner I am looking for perfect things to order as small little cute gifts. Now I do know that bags normally do not fall under little gifts because they can be really expensive at times. But when you know where to search you will always score a grand deal. If you click read more you will find links to the above bags that are all under $12

On the left is a Cross body bag that will suit many tastes. This bag will be perfect for people who need to carry just a wallet, phone and keys and is perfect when you are running just errands. This one is the most expensive of the bunch with $11.94

Next we have a little quilted bag that is perfect for those special occasion. It comes in a lot of colors but my favorites have to be the peach and black one. This one is only $10.85. I would personally be very happy to receive one of these as a gift for Christmas. 

Last but not least it a slightly bigger bag.  This bag would be perfect as a schoolbag or shopping bag. Again it comes in a large selection of colors and is only $9.99

What is your favorite of these?

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