Why and how

Recently I have been watching a few resistance band workouts and I was debating if I wanted to incorporate them into my daily workouts. I went and searched for the benefits on using them, I searched youtube videos that we can follow and last but not least I went to search for these bands online, and most important where you can get these for cheap. So if you are interested, do read more!


  • It is suitable for all fitness levels
  • It can be used for a full body workout
  • It is easy to store, no big machine
  • They are effective and add a little extra to your workout
  • Greater muscle improvement
  • Easy in use


I went and searched for workouts that used these bands and I found a few great workouts from strength to Pilates. 

Where to get them

As we all know I love ebay a lot. And thank god they sell these bands. There are a few different styles so I listed the cheapest option for every style.
Heavy Resistence in green

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