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Recently I have been more and more into instagram, it can show a lot of my life without me having to take my big camera with me. I also think that even with my slightly bad phone camera the pictures still turn out good. So today I am going to take you trough my life, in pictures.  To follow me on Instagram please go here So do read more.

Starting healthy we have three snapshots of my healthy lifestyle. On the left we have a collage of me playing Zumba. The first picture is my heartratemonitor that shows that I played Zumba for 21 minutes and burned 240 calories. The middle one might look a tad strange but it was my lunch, one of my favorite things to eat. It has egg, courgette, tomato and a bit of cheese. And on the right we have 10 minutes of insanity that burned 150 calories.

Then we have three pictures of things I still need to review for my blog. My new prescription glasses, some people really love them and others burst out laughing. I personally adore them. The middle one is a bit blurry but those are two scarfs that I recently bought. I am debating to make an outfit post with them. And the right we have the Catrice Arts collection palette. Really excited that I got my hands on that one.

Then we have three pictures that seem strange at first but it needs some explanation. The left is a pair of jeans that I bought on vacation this year and as you can see those turned out to be baggy, I will let you into a secret these pants where skinny and tight when I got them. Meaning that my training is getting effect. The middle one is a coat I bought last year and it was really tight, as you can see it is slightly oversized now. I am not sure if the picture really shows it but I can tell you that it is slightly baggy. And the last one features me having my hair in a pulled back ponytail, I normally do not wear my hair like that outside only when I got sporting. That because I have a big round head. But recently I got assured that this hairstyles suits me, so I decided to give it a try.

These three do not need explaining. Those are three pictures of my kitten doing her daily things. The first thing is sleeping, she adores it when you put something over her like a blanket. The second thing is 'creeping' as I like to put it. She likes to sit on the drawers next to me when I am doing my make-up in the morning. She always has this creepy staring face when she is sitting there. And the last one is just her chilling outside. She likes the plant that I showed in the picture because little bugs tend to fly round it and she wants to catch them all.

Last picture set features my cats. I have to admit that I am slightly a crazy cat lady. I love this new app that gives you the option to sticker pictures and add great borders.

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