November 2013

It has been a while since I wrote a currently, or at least it seems like a while. So today a currently with what is up with me. Some things I am debating and some things that I am loving. Somehow I find it hard to write a long nice introduction to this article, so I would like to say 'click read more for my currently' that is thankfully a lot longer then the introduction.

I am debating a new hair color, I know there are a lot of people who think my white hair suits me and to be honest I am slightly scared to get a darker hair color but I think my hair needs it. I have been making it white for years now but I recently got into curling my hair and I think bleach and heat both are slowly killing my hair. I am debated on getting a dark brown shade and perhaps ombre. But I still need to debate it, when I take the 'plunge' I will show it on the blog in a mini article. 

I am needing new glasses, I always wear glasses when I got to school but recently the emblem on the side of my glasses felt off and now it looks silly and strange. I am going to try and get it fixed but I need replacement glasses during that time. I am waiting for a pair to come in the mail they still need a long way to go before hitting Holland but I will make an article the moment they arrive. Well not really the moment because I need to look slightly decent before taking pictures. 

I have been drinking whey before workouts and I do think a lot of people workout without knowing they need to up there protein. I am debating on writing an article about whey and the use of it. That is currently in the planning for a fit fritday but I am also deciding between writing about the whey I use. There are a lot of different flavors and I am not sure if people are interested in what flavors are nice and what are a chemical horrible mess. Leave me a comment if you want two articles about whey.

I am on the lookout for Christmas gifts, I decided to start early this year because I have no idea when snow is going to fall and I do not want to go out in the snow to get presents for my loved ones. I already have a few people checked of but I am also having trouble to decide what to get for some. I most of the times just go safe with jewelry or decorations. What do you mostly give as Christmas gift? 

I am over the moon because I got the grade from my first test and I got a decent grade. I should have studied harder but the grade is good enough. I decided to reward myself with something from fashionolgy. They currently are celebrating there birthday and offer 30% discount. So if you want something really nice I would advice checking the site! What I bought is still a surprise because it should be coming in withing the next few days. At times like this I wished I had a camera to make an 'unboxing' video. There is only a tiny bit that you can show in pictures and I think some things would look better in video. Sadly enough I am a poor student with no money for a camcorder. 

And last but not least I started with insanity. I love that workout program and it really burns some calories and it is fun to do. I only do it once or twice a week because I also do other things sport related. But if you are like me and searching for a high intensity workout I would advice insanity.

That was that, I think it is a decent length article. I do hope you enjoyed reading it. Leave me a comment with what was up with you this week and thank you for reading.  

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