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As some might know, I am a student and I need to travel over an hour to get to school. I want to start with saying, I can go without make-up but taking make-up with you is always useful for long days. I always have my 'rescue set' in my bag. And today I am going to show you what is inside it, so read more to hear what I drag along with me almost everyday.

It is less then what people expect from me.

Lets start with the make-up bag so prominent on display, it is actually brand less and I bought it in a tiny store for only 1 euro. I think it is really 'Denna' the black and the lace is really something I adore. It has enough room to add other stuff but I prefer the things I added. Also I do not want to make my bag more heavy then it already is. Although a travel perfume holder is on my wishlist so I can spray during the day. 

I have a Bourjois powder contact as one of my few face products. I love this compact because it is sturdy, the perfect shade, it smells nice and it has a decent sized mirror. This is perfect to reduce shine during the day. And my other face product is the Manhatten concealer with a review here. This is perfect for upcoming zits or to hide my eye bags. I think that a touch of concealer really make you look more 'awake' pun not intended. 

I have no eye shadow, no pencil or eyebrow products. Those things I can go without or just stay good during the day. I only have two things for my eyes. One is a black eyeliner pen, to touch up the eyeliner when I accidentally rubbed my eyes or to quickly set an cat eyeliner when I have a surprise presentation. The P2 eyeliner works precise and is a nice deep black. Also perfect to write notes on your hands when you forgot your pen. And the second thing is a simple black mascara from Maybelline. I actually do not use this one a lot, but I tossed it in just in-case. 

Lip products I have enough of! I like to keep my lip products close to me, some might think this is silly but I added a little something for every occasion.  We have the Essence Guerilla Gardening Lipcream in bright pink. This one is stunning Swatches here. It is playful and cute! I wear this on normal school days and most of the times I use this as touch up after eating. Next to it is a silver catrice lipbalm from the Hiptrip collection that you can view here. It is a simple nude shiny product, perfect for adding a little something without it being to 'in your face' Then we have a bourjois shine edition lipstick this one here, it is called oh my doll and it is a shade that fits everything and everybody. When I need to talk to 'important' people I tend to wear this one. Then the marker like product is a lipstain by maybelline swatch here it is from the color sensation line. I use this in the morning where I forgot to put on lipstick. It gives a nice amount of color and stays all day. And last but not least, my playful matt red lipcream swatch here. This needs no explaining, a red lip is perfect!

So this is what I drag with me daily to school. What is in your school make-up bag?
Leave me a comment with what you take to school

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