Party time!

I am already in the festive mood and thinking about Christmas and new years and I know it is really early seeing we still have Halloween in between. But when you order things from eBay you need to order in advance to get it on time. Now I know one thing and that is that I want to wear a pretty black dress or a black blouse and skirt. And you might have guessed it, I want to wear a statement necklace ontop. to make it all pop. I am thinking about buying one of the above necklaces and wearing heels in the same color. So do you want to know where to get these, and for how much? Read more!

Viva La eBay

These are all from the same seller on eBay. He has 56 necklaces in this listing here. He has a few styles in a lot of colors. From black and white to neons. Prices are between €5.58 and  €2.09 so very budget if you compare to most statement necklaces in stores now. There are bold ones and subtle ones, but they all make a big statement. I personally adore the one with the rope and chains, I showed the lake blue and black one in the picture but they also have this in royal blue, red, pink and orange here.

So what do you think, would you wear one of these?

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