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This blogpost all started with an amazing sweater that I found in the sale at ASOS. It was by Nike and featured the letters "Run the world" I think it was super clever and it looked very nice. Also it was marked down from €60.65 to €36.39. So I decided to make an sportswear wishlist featuring my favorite cool workout clothing and most off it is currently on sale!

Run the world - By nike this sweater is amazing without being to flashy. It will put smiles on faces when you run passed them. Also I love how the beige and white create an interesting detail. 

These Adidas Court sneakers look amazing on and off the court. I love the combination of colors and the cute look. Marked down from €80.87 to €60.65 they are a steal

Adidas zippered sweater this gray sweater looks so comfy and warm. I know I did not include the jacket on the picture I collaged but I wanted to show the detail what I think adds a little SHAZAM to it. This one is marked down from €80.87 to €48.52

Also I had to include these no metal hairties in skull, animal and other pasterns. I heard a lot of people rave about them and I surely want to try these out. These are really hard to get in Holland so I am really happy I found an eBay link. Also these would look so cute as a bracelet.

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