Start to make excuses for who we are?

We are our own worst critics and nobody puts us down as much as we push our self down. We do not even think about it but the moment we post a picture online we want to look our best. I mean how many hours do we take out of our life to get the prefect profile image and to see what angle works best in pictures. And to be honest I always said to myself "Denna, nobody wants to see you. You are not pretty." The reason why I normally never uploaded a profile picture in the past, that was me making excuses about my appearance and putting myself down. And why? Because I am nothing compared to the pretty girls on the internet or those stunning models in magazines......

But to be honest those models do not look the same way they appear in print. Everybody and there mother knows about photoshop and what power it holds. With a few minutes I can make myself from a size large to a size small A boob-job was never that easy as it is in photoshop. And to be honest I adore photoshop but I hate that nobody publishes those raw untouched images that show every little flaw because to be honest those flaws are what makes it perfect. Most girls who take a selfie do not have photoshop and will be never like those people in magazines. And to be honest they should not want to look like that, because it is unrealistic...It is just photoshop.

When did we start to say sorry for how we look, in pictures and in real life? How many times did I hear girls apologize that they look 'sick & horrible' just because they did not have time to put on make-up? When did wearing make-up become a requirement. Nothing against wearing make-up, I wear a healthy portion of it almost everyday, but I should not excuses myself for days when I am not wearing make-up. I should just wear my natural look proud and happy because it is still the same nice me. 
I like dressing up when I go to school, but when I have very little time I just toss on some jeans and a sweater and like tradition I mention "Sorry, I look like a mess. I had very little time this morning" 

So why do we apologize for every little imperfection. "Sorry about the fat, I am working on it" Why do we not embrace who we are? Who are we bullshitting by making these standers for ourself. 
Perhaps because we learn to be like that from every person we meet since we are born. We judge and are judged on. We think this is normal and when we do not fit into what is coincided "pretty' and 'normal' we apologize.

And I could rant and bitch about this all day long. But today I want to share with you all. You should never apologize for who you are. 

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