Things I fail at

As I was roaming the internet I found a tag called "10 beauty things I suck at" I decided to globalize it and make an article about the top 10 things I suck at and I tried to make it interesting. It was not hard to list 10 things because I could make a 100 page list but I decided on keeping it at 10. So read more to read what I suck at...

  • Playing a musical instrument, I somehow can not play any instrument without coming off like a total clutz and spazz. I mean I would kill to learn how to play an electric guitar but to be honest I do not see that happening anytime soon. 
  • Getting perfect eyebrows, I often see girls with the most beautiful eyebrows. Filled in and tweezed to perfection. But my own eyebrows somehow lack hairs and whenever I draw them in I look strange. One thing I have yet to master.
  • Planning articles, I often just write what comes to mind and do what I think is interesting. But that means that I might have 2 nail polish reviews in a row or a lot of wishlists. I need to get better in planning them and spacing them out. I even bought an agenda to write everything down and sort the whole thing but somehow I lack the talent to plan. 
  • Singing, I could have listed this together with playing a musical instrument but I think this deserves an extra mention. While I can create a few good notes with instruments I somehow completely  lack any skills with singing. People often ask me to stop singing and often people start to laugh. I try to keep my singing in the shower nowadays. 
  • Lifting my eyebrows, somehow I lack the muscles to lift one eyebrow or to wiggle them. I really envy people who can do that, at times you just need to cock an eyebrow at somebody but when you are physical not able it sucks. 
  • Remembering things after running upstairs, I am sure I am not the only one with this problem but the moment I need something from upstairs I start to run. And the moment I am upstairs I blank out and can not remember what I was going upstairs for. The moment I am halfway down the stairs I suddenly remember and need to go up again. 
  • Selfies, Some people take one picture and have a selfie. I take 20 pictures and hope one if them is decent. I can not look good in pictures but I look worse in selfies. Somehow I always make a strange face the moment I press the button to take a picture. And when I do get that one rare shot that makes me look semi-decent I am so proud. 
  • Filtering what I say, I am one of those people who says directly what she thinks. The moment I think of something funny I say it. It often results in people laughing but at times it is better not to say directly what I think. I often find myself regretting what I said.
  • And on that note, I also suck at giving criticism. I blame it on being to honest, what I think is what I will tell you. If I think you stink I will make a reference to your scent in a nice way but I have to say something. 
  • And last and the most important thing I suck at is containing myself when I am shopping. I am trying to save money but at times I just walk in the city and then I see a store and then I need to enter. And then my money is gone. I often find myself making excuses like "It is for tha blog!' or "But it is a-maze-ing" 
Do leave me a comment with what you suck at. Or what is recognizable. 

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