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So it has been a rather long time since I showed some personal pictures. Mostly because I do not like to lunge my big camera with me and I do not own a small compact camera. I am saving up for one but sadly enough as a poor student I do not have the funds. But yeah, I am currently using my phone to snap pictures and mostly they end up on instagram. So today an article with my favorite instagram pictures that I took recently. 

1. I am really happy with the new essence sand style polish review here and my lovely bracelet Lydia Wall. I recently have been wearing these two a lot. 2. my outfit of the day, again something I have been wearing a lot. My primark blouse and new dark blue skirt. I think both look really flattering and somehow slimming. 3. With something in my hand the claw pose looks great, but with an empty hand it looks silly. Does it not?

These three do not need a lot of text, just my daily looks from the last few weeks. I recently fell in love again with curls and I still adore my Remington pearl wand also I have been leaning towards scarfs lately.

1. This is how my school lunches looks like, I variate between wraps and bread with a lot of fruit and veggies. Also I prefer my food to be tiny so I can just pop something in my mouth. 2. This one needs some explaining. I do not play guitar but I do know how to play one tune. During music at school we needed to play something and in my excitement I decided to grab this guitar and ask somebody to snap a picture. 3. Also curls again and ofcoarse my skull shirt.

1. I am super excited to find baby lips in stores so I instagrammed it and somehow it got a lot of likes. 2. I am trying to get over my camera shyness and snap pictures of my outfits on instagram. It got 14 likes what totally took me by surprise. 3. And last but not least my favorite view when I get out of school, this means I am almost home!

Do you like these kind of articles or would you rather not see these? Do leave me a comment with what you think.

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