Studying my eyes out

I think combining the title and image makes it not hard to see what is currently up with me. I have a big test coming up on Monday and I have had my nose in the books daily for a long time now. But I need to kick it in overdrive in the weekend because I want to go trough all the books for a 50th time. I have so many subjects in one test that it is not even funny anymore. How can I have so many different things stuck into one test? But yeah I am just going to ace it, or at least go for a decent grade. Now I got some study tips for you if you read more for my 3 tips!

Plan in advance

Make a plan and stick to it, I think it is the base of studying. You need to know what you need to to do. My plan was to do all the easy books first so I can really know that and then wing it in the weekend with the two harder subjects. So I am more confident and remember everything. Also I post-ited all my books with what pages I needed to know. I think that works really well.

Ask older students..

This one might be a bit funky but I would ask older students for their notes from last year, most keep there notes incase they need to repeat the subject and it saves you from writing everything down. I got a few different pages with important things written down. It makes it easy to re-read in the train.

Do not stress

I think this is the most important thing, reread every question before writing down your answer. I think stress is the number one thing why people fail. They get hyped and just quickly answer and then screw up because they read it wrong. Keeping your calm is so important..

To everybody with tests this week, good luck!

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