Time to prepare for winter!

You might be thinking "GURL, it is fall not winter" But I like to prepare in advanced because I never find anything I want in the correct season. Spring is time for bikini shopping and fall for winter gear. Especially if you are ordering from eBay you need to order in a timely mater to get it in before snow starts falling. Also these beanies also look cute in spring. Do read more to see all the great beanies I found!

These black beanies with text are amazing and cheap! They have a lot more designs then the above image features my favorites being "bastard' 'fake' 'fetish' and 'your-mom' but I also like the bad hairday one. They have so many styles for rather cheap so I would really advice to check it out if you like unique text beanies. If there is a style sold out that you really like this seller has similar beanies

If you are more into color I would check out these A$AP and Love, peace money beanies. A$AP comes in 9 colors from neon to darker shades. Especially the bright pink is stunning! This Love, Peace, Money comes in 6 colors with my favorite, black with gold lettering. I personally prefer this over the A$AP. I think it is very cute with the symbols. These also come with different text like Thrill and wasted youth

Who has not seen this COMME DES F*CKDOWN beanie? But I for me it is the first time seeing this in other colors then black and white. And I think it looks stunning in color. I adore the plum and dark red one. But also the neons are great!

But you know, if you are not really into text or if you want to customize your own beanie....they also come blank in all colors of the rainbow and beyond. You can stud these or gem them up.

So are you ready for the cold?

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