Time for watching, Superdry watches

With December on its way I slowly start orientating on gifts, gifts that I want to give and gifts that I want to get. Today I am going to show you something that fall on my 'love to get' but also 'love to give' list. I think watches are really nice gifts and recently I discovered a brand I had not heard about yet, Superdry. And 3 watch in particular caught my eye. For pricing and links do read more.

202 Impulsive Fuchsia

This lipstick I am going to show you all today has a story. A while ago I saw an add with this lipstick in one of the magazines that I love to read. I directly fell in love with the lipstick and I had to buy it, but it somehow slipped my mind till I walked into a store that was having a sale on perfume and make-up. I wandered round the store and even passed up a chanel nailpolish for 50% off when I saw this lipstick. I skipped over and searched to find the perfect shade. I ended up buying 'impulsively' the shade impulsive fuchsia. 

If the internet was my closet today

It has been a while since I last did a "I would be wearing" so today specially for the people who like this kind of article what I would be wearing if the internet was my closet today. I went for something fall inspired featuring items from ASOS. Everything is currently on sale and it features my currently favorite color dark red. It has a mix of shapes with a flowy top and slightly oversized vest paired with a tight skirt and a pair of tights. I would wear this outfit with black biker boots and a large black bag. 
So do read more to see the links and prices of everything in the picture.

Silver frosted

Recently I got a new package from eBay. Excited as I was I ripped it open and I was pleasantly surprised with the rings. I was not planning to show this in a blog post but I decided to share it because they exceeded my expectations. So do read more for more pictures and a link to the eBay listing.

Things I fail at

As I was roaming the internet I found a tag called "10 beauty things I suck at" I decided to globalize it and make an article about the top 10 things I suck at and I tried to make it interesting. It was not hard to list 10 things because I could make a 100 page list but I decided on keeping it at 10. So read more to read what I suck at...

Happy Fit Friday!

Before I start this article I want to point out that my 'own' fit days are going great. Those who follow me on instagram @DennaMichelle know I bought a heart rate monitor that is going to help me with monitoring everything but when I finish testing my watch I will write an article about it. But to get to the point of this article and fit friday, I always love buying workout gear and clothing. Recently I drew closer to my eBay account and I did some 'sport' related shopping. Above you can see my wishlist and what I really love at the moment. To read who what and for links do read more!

Lovely Cartoon style bags

I had the honor to work with swagybags [English site] or Swagytassen [Dutch site] Swagy is a new and innovative line of 2d bags with a cartoonish twist ! The “Swagy” bags are all about being unique,fun,and most importantly – standing out from the crowd! While the rest of the world is busy developing new 3d products and technologies at Swagy they decided to go in the opposite direction. To read more and to see more pictures do read more...

Cherry me

I have wrote this blog ages ago but I never put it up. So a while ago I got myself a Baby Lips Lip Balm. This is one bespoken product and to be honest I expect a lot off it because everybody knows this lip balm. Soon they are coming to Holland and they have been selling for a while now at Germany. I decided to pick up one of the most tinted ones called Cherry me. To read what I think and to see pictures do read more.

Mean and green?

To be honest, here in Holland we do not celebrate Halloween but still I wanted to try my hand at some Halloween make-up. I debated what I would be if we celebrated and somehow I got stuck on green and something wicked. It could be a witch, the sin envy or some kind of reptile. To be honest I have no clue but I loved how this looked. I think this is a style that you can use with many costumes and is rather low level.  Do read more to see a detailed explanation and to hear what I used.

Pretty sexy lingerie and shoes

One shoes always wear sexy underwear is something I live by. To be honest wearing pretty lingerie makes me feel good and puts a bounce in my step. And to be honest buying sexy undies also makes me feel very good. Recently I placed an order by Shoes Cancan and I want to tell you a bit more about the site because they have a lot of beautiful pieces. Read more to see detail pictures of the lingerie and what I think.

Eyepencil & Shadow, in gorgeous gray and whipped white frosting

To be honest, I think this is my first eye shadow pencil. I am always a tad iffy about pencil shadows because I always feel like a kid with a crayong going over my eyes like I am trying to stab it out. But from the bloggerverse I heard a lot of great things about the Essence stays no mather what pencils and I decided to pick up two shades that would always be useful. A dark one and a light one. 

Get your snack on

I think healthy snacks are hard for some people because there are so many options but when you start to think you normally end up with the usual "Fruit of Veggies" so today I collected some healthy inspiration when you need a little snack. Do read more to see a lot of inspiration, recipes and eye candy.

Brown, dark red and dark green.

Just a few days ago I was going trough my stash and deciding what make-up I still wanted for fall. I noticed a few things where missing in my stash and I went to search online for those things. You can see above a collage of what is currently on my fall beauty wishlist. Is something of this also on your wishlist or do you want more information, do click the below button to read more.

And some lovely Wedge Welly Rainboots

The summer is long gone and the days are getting colder and wetter. I have been preparing for that weather for some time now but I recently noticed that I did not have a pair of rainboots in my collection. For a girl who owns over a 100 pair of shoes that needed to change. It took some time to find the perfect pair of rainboots and thanks to FashionBootz I found a pair of fashion forward rainboots.

School edition

As some might know, I am a student and I need to travel over an hour to get to school. I want to start with saying, I can go without make-up but taking make-up with you is always useful for long days. I always have my 'rescue set' in my bag. And today I am going to show you what is inside it, so read more to hear what I drag along with me almost everyday.

03 Frosted Apple & 04 Sparkle all night

Today I got an beauty review with swatches and a look. I was walking in one of my favorite discount stores and noticed a bin full of make-up products all marked down and with an extra 50% discount. To my surprise most of it where current collections and rather new stuff. I snatched up two eye shadows and two nail polishes, today I am going to show you...the eye shadows as you might have guessed.

Start to make excuses for who we are?

We are our own worst critics and nobody puts us down as much as we push our self down. We do not even think about it but the moment we post a picture online we want to look our best. I mean how many hours do we take out of our life to get the prefect profile image and to see what angle works best in pictures. And to be honest I always said to myself "Denna, nobody wants to see you. You are not pretty." The reason why I normally never uploaded a profile picture in the past, that was me making excuses about my appearance and putting myself down. And why? Because I am nothing compared to the pretty girls on the internet or those stunning models in magazines......

Fall fashion!

I am crazy about making mood-boards, I love collecting images to help me evolve my style and just put it all together. I decided that I could make this into a great and big blog post where you my lovely readers could see what I think would look great this season. I collected a large collection of images and I hope you will enjoy seeing them. So do read more to see everything and do leave me a comment with your favorite image!

Cause we want to look good working out

This blogpost all started with an amazing sweater that I found in the sale at ASOS. It was by Nike and featured the letters "Run the world" I think it was super clever and it looked very nice. Also it was marked down from €60.65 to €36.39. So I decided to make an sportswear wishlist featuring my favorite cool workout clothing and most off it is currently on sale!

Baby Purple Shiny Glitter & Nobility Gold Shiny Glitter

Today I have a nail polish article for you with a nice amount of swatches over different colors. kkcenterhk was so kind to send me 2 nail polishes that are more like glitter topcoats to me. They have a load of nail polishes that you can see here but today I am going to show you  Baby Purple Shiny Glitter a lavender & white polish. And Nobility gold shiny glitter what is as the name implies a gold based glitter. So read more to see all the pictures!

Go on and spam

I have a blogloving list that would put many others to shame and I check every blog from people that comment. Now I know there are also bloggers that read my blog but do not comment. I want to give them a little nudge/spotlight to spam their blog. I have not yet put one of these online this month, so this is the one time that you can spam your blog in the comments. I personally like it if you tell a bit about your blog, like what it is about and perhaps a link to your own favorite article up to date?

I do hope to find some blogs to follow!

This is my wishlist

I am a budget girl and I like to get things at a discount price or at a nice cheap price. Recently I was browsing Sephora and a few things caught my eye. From marked down make-up palettes to limited editions and nailpolish. I fell in love with a few things, but they are amazing. You can see above what I put on my wishlist, if you read more you can see the pricing and links.

Studying my eyes out

I think combining the title and image makes it not hard to see what is currently up with me. I have a big test coming up on Monday and I have had my nose in the books daily for a long time now. But I need to kick it in overdrive in the weekend because I want to go trough all the books for a 50th time. I have so many subjects in one test that it is not even funny anymore. How can I have so many different things stuck into one test? But yeah I am just going to ace it, or at least go for a decent grade. Now I got some study tips for you if you read more for my 3 tips!

Party time!

I am already in the festive mood and thinking about Christmas and new years and I know it is really early seeing we still have Halloween in between. But when you order things from eBay you need to order in advance to get it on time. Now I know one thing and that is that I want to wear a pretty black dress or a black blouse and skirt. And you might have guessed it, I want to wear a statement necklace ontop. to make it all pop. I am thinking about buying one of the above necklaces and wearing heels in the same color. So do you want to know where to get these, and for how much? Read more!

Remind yourself

Today an other Fit Friday with some goodies for you. Well not real goodies but digital goodies. I know motivation is the most important part of getting fit, healthy or losing weight. But at times we forget what we are working for or we feel bad about yourself. That is when you need a little reminder to keep going and that you are beautiful. I was photoshopping around and decided to make some little wallpapers for your phone. Free to use and use as motivation. So read more to see if there is a wallpaper to suit you. Also leave me a comment if you want to get more digital things from me, I was debating on making wallpapers with product pictures. 

It has been a while

So it has been a rather long time since I showed some personal pictures. Mostly because I do not like to lunge my big camera with me and I do not own a small compact camera. I am saving up for one but sadly enough as a poor student I do not have the funds. But yeah, I am currently using my phone to snap pictures and mostly they end up on instagram. So today an article with my favorite instagram pictures that I took recently. 

Time to prepare for winter!

You might be thinking "GURL, it is fall not winter" But I like to prepare in advanced because I never find anything I want in the correct season. Spring is time for bikini shopping and fall for winter gear. Especially if you are ordering from eBay you need to order in a timely mater to get it in before snow starts falling. Also these beanies also look cute in spring. Do read more to see all the great beanies I found!

Great for fall

A while ago wrote about this little vest that I bought on eBay. Well it came and I decided I loved it enough to write about it. I have very little to say about this except that I adore how it looks. The quality is great, it will fit almost everybody, it adds a little oomph to any outfit. And it is perfect for fall. As I said I ordered it off eBay for only $4.84 and it comes in a lot of colors. The one I bought it from currently has all colors out of stock but I found these two sellers for the same price here and here. Do read more to see a picture of me wearing the vest.

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