Glitter Ballerinas 

On vacation I bought the most amazing ballerinas ever but I never got round to showing it on my blog. The shoes are a combination of glitter and leather, two of my favorite things. They are a standout even for a pair of flat shoes and they look really great. I actually only wore them once and I am saving them for a special occasion but today I pulled them off the box and decided to snap some pictures for you guys. So read more!

Do ignore the flower next to the shoe..No idea how it got there

So damn special!

As I said I got these on vacation and they where actually in the sale. I tried to google the original price but I did not find them online and these shoes only had the discount price on them. Judging from the other shoes in this brand these had to be somewhere between 50 and 80 euro. The sale price I payed for these was only €25 what is a good deal judging from the original prices of the other shoes. 

What do you think? To much glitter?

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