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So recently I bought a pink 3DS as I wrote about before, I really love my DS but I still have not gotten games for it. I ordered a few games but they still need to arrive. So meanwile I am playing demo's and looking out for new games to get. So I crossed Rhythm Thief a game where you need rhythm, people who know me know I have as much rhythm as a stick. But still I wanted this game, it is about Raphael who has a secret life as a heroic thief who is famous among Parisians for stealing famous works of art only to return it days later. You play as Raphael in search of his father and while doing so you play rhythm games.This game is called the new professor Layton and as Layton fangirl I needed to test this! So read more for some pictures that I snapped and of course a review!

The game!

As far as the demo took me I could play three levels. Showtime, Looting Louvre and Battle Diabolique. The Demo can be downloaded for free and you can play these three levels 20 times to see if you really like this game and want to buy it. The full game has more then 50 rhythm games and a whole story line that leads you through Paris. One thing as a girl gamer annoys me and that is the fact that you play as a guy, I personally adore games where you can pick your gender. But then again with the storyline and cut scenes I can understand why they picked one gender. 


I started with showtime that had very easy instructions. You in blue and red and two buddies in black and gray had to dance in sync. Let me tell you, at first it was horrible. I have very little rhythm in my body so these games are always a challenge with me. But you know those two other buddies movie at a set pace and when you count '1-2-3' hitting the 1 & 2 as they move you get the rhythm for when you need to make your move. And lets say, this level was rated one 1 star, so it has to be 'easy' I wonder how the other levels will be when you call this easy!

One thing that I really liked with this level was that it switched between cut scenes and gameplay. It has a real music video feel and I liked the sound it reminds me of a concert what I assume is intended because the setting surely matches that feel.

Looting Louvre

This level we are looting the Louvre. I have no idea what we want to steal but I assume a lady with a smile? The instructions are again very simple. You have four buttons a yellow, red, blue and green one and you need to press them to match the pose of the statue you are running so the security guards of the Louvre do not spot you and you fall flat on your face.

While I really liked the cut scenes between the gameplay in Showtime, in the Louvre I could care very little about those little scenes because they where not that special but thankfully they where really short. The game itself has very good sound, it is a nice beat that you can follow and makes it easier to hit the button at the correct time. I have to admit that I am not the smartest girl out there and when I first started I tought "This is so hard!" I tried to see the statue in advance and match it with the pose on the button, but all the statues have lights in the color of the button you need to push making it far more easy then I first tought. When I noticed that it was really easy for me to find my speed of pushing and yes rhythm. First try was directly an A score for me, what is the highest score you can get. One thing I dislike is the fact that somehow I get to excited and really H-I-T my stylus on the screen while a little tap is enough but that is just me.

Battle Diabolique

I think this level is some sort of boss battle because a strange wonky man sends caped robots my way and I need to karate chop these away. Again the controls are easy to understand and there are only two options. The A button or the left arrow on the control pad. I first wondered if I would like a game with only two options. But as I played I found that I love this game! It is really addicting and the rhythm changes all over the place what makes it fun and challenging. I got a A rank when I first played it what makes me want to play it over and over because I found something that I am really good at.

One downside to this game is that I would not play this in public because you need to count and somehow I bob my head with the sound what looks adorable to some people and silly to others. This one also has cutscenes what features the evil guy who orders his robots to attack me. Nothing special but nice enough. 

All in all I adore this game, it is perfect for playing and the storyline is addicting. 
This game can be bought at gamestores for round €45-50 what is the normal price for 3DS games

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