What can we expect this month?

So August seems to be gone in a flash and September is upon us. So today a small sunday article with what you can expect this month, or at least my goals. This month is going to be hectic month for me seeing I started a new education and to be honest school comes before blogging. But I will try to keep posting daily, I am not sure how I can do that with being away next week but I will try to plan in some things. So read more what we can expect.


I had a lot of fun writing my last editorial that you can read here. I am not sure how much you all liked reading it, I could see a spike in my page views but the question is not if people will read it but if you guys liked reading it. So I would love it if you left a comment with yes or no on editorials and what you think of my last one. 


I got a lot of inspiration for articles but getting it all in print is going slowly. I do want to try to get more variation in my articles seeing this is a personal blog and not just a jewelry blog. Recently I wrote a lot about jewelry and I know that is not everybody their forte. I am planning only two jewelry related blogpost for this month that will feature the swarovski I bought on vacation and that will be one of the last hauls from vacation with a separate article with little gem trinkets I bought.  Further you can expect eBay related articles with clothing, my mirror sunglasses and wishlists. But also I want to introduce some little gaming to this blog, this is will be one article a month, I am not sure when I want it. Like every [number] of the month seems the best idea so everybody knows when to expect it. Also I will try to get out a fit friday article every Friday. I know I have not been training as much as I used to and such I also let the fit friday fall a little. I am sorry

What can I do for you

This month I am planning an article where I will have a little 'you can win this' I am a poor student and at times I get sad when I look at the bigger blogs who give away loads of goodies to their readers. I wished I could do that but most things I buy for the blog I pay for myself and I do not make money blogging. So I was thinking about giving away something designed by me. I am not sure how many people would be interested in a custom banner or social media buttons. I am even debating on giving away a drawing. But that is all planning but I will try to set that up for September so I can give back to you lovely people. 


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