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Today my second editorial, I had a lot of fun writing the first one that you can read here. So read more for the next editorial. I do hope you enjoy reading it and leave me a comment.

Do not take little steps

You know I always been a person who takes little steps when in doubt or entering a new situation. We have a dutch saying for it but translated it sounds really funny, but the saying is often used for people who are shy at first and hide there true colors and then after some time come loose. I am that kind of person, wait let me rephrase that...I was that person. 

I always put myself in the corner and decided in advance that people would not like me. Then I would make friends and feel comfy round them and just slowly become me again and they would really like me. But they also where surprised that a silent girl could be funny and snappy but they also liked that side. So when at the beginning of this year I was tossed in a new situation, I was partly the shy person and partly the funny bitch that I am. But something happened after the first week, I decided that I did not want to be somebody different. I wanted to be me. Denna the blogger, Denna the funny girl and Denna the girl with a strong and mostly strange opinion. I was tired to be what was expected off me. 

You know some people liked me, the real me and some people did not. And I think that is great because I also do not like all people I meet so why not expect the same back? I tried to be cookie cutter so much that I pushed away the things that make me 'me' 

The first week I started with bringing my normal bread with me to school. Just a simple thing that blended in. A piece of bread with a piece of cheese. I admit that is typical Dutch in my eyes. But after the week I decided to 'screw it' and just take with me what I would be eating at home. Now I leave the house everyday with cucumber, tomato, wraps, cheese and fruits. I just got my flair of energy back that way, I was not slowly taking steps but I was running to the beat of my own drum. Just a little thing that I changed but made me feel so much more me. 

And I think that is the essence of this article, one should not slow yourself down to something you are not but you should run at your own pace. 

Do leave me a comment what you think about Editorials, I know I have a load of fun writing them but I also want you my lovely readers to enjoy them. So any feedback is loved, about my writing, how it reads and the subject. 
Have a great week!

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