Hello! Today we have a short article because I have very little time to write a long currently. I got a few things that are currently up with me...so read more to see what is up.

I am loving the weather. Even when it is fall it is still decent weather outside, I can wear blazers, leather jackets and tops. I expected it to get colder very fast but it does not. I am really a warm weather person, I can not stand cold. I like to bundle myself up with thick scarves when cold starts to hit also I need to find myself a great beanie to wear this winter because I will be traveling around town. Perhaps I should make an eBay wishlist with my top 10 beanies?

I am stressing about school. One of the most important tests is coming up and I am feeling like I will screw up very bad. This thing is that I think everything we need to learn is so easy and simple, I know most things so the thing that I fear is that I will not remember when I am sitting there making my test. Also other people who tell me that they find it hard and that they do not understand is making my skin crawl because I should also be feeling that way if almost every thinks that....but I do not?

I am happy about my roots being redyed. I always feel kind of dirty when I got a large portion of roots showing. I am not sure if I am the only one who feels that way...but I do. So I am back to 'white' again, I dyed them even lighter then I had and I am really happy with this shade. My mom commented that it was not really a 'cold weather' color and more suited for summer but I think it looks great with my big ass white scarf and a beanie. As I said I still need to buy a beanie and I am debating a few colors, can I still wear neon? But yeah my roots are gone and now I only need to dye an underdye or dipdye. I am thinking pastel pink!

I am obsessing about my new black boots with studs. They are great amazing and cute! You might have seen them on instagram if you follow me (@DennaMichelle)  But I will also write an article about them the moment I decide to take some good pictures. I still need to write 4 articles for this week so it might not be included this week but next week.

I am listening to purple rain from Prince, I am love with this song and I am debating on using it for a school assignment. I also adore all the covers for this song but the original is still the best in my eyes.  

I am over the moon because I lost 0.5 kilo. For most it would not be a lot but for me, who has not lost weight this year and going to the doctor for a long time now it is a lot.

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