It has been a while since I did a currently, with vacation and such I had a lot of different articles to share. Still I want to pick up my currently. So today an update with what is up currently. Also is the above image not lush? I took it at Swarovski world, it was an amazing display of shapes and colors. But yeah, read more for my currently.

I am Loving instagram. You can follow me at DennaMichelle by the way. I am trying to post daily and trying to keep variation between all kind of things. You can see my face, my clothing, my cats and things I buy. At times I really have to hold myself down not to pull out my phone in public and scream "INSTAGRAM TIME!"

I am listening a lot to Lady Gaga - Applause. I mean the song is brilliant, it is catchy and the clip is amazing to look at. But I also adore, and do not shoot me for it, Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball. I think there is a little too much discussion about it. The music is amazing and the song is really catchy. The clip, I am not sure about it. She likes to swing naked on a wrecking ball but 'You know Miley, if you like it. GO FOR IT!" I think this is really an 'up' compared to her performance of Blurred lines. I mean the grinding and the tongue was really tasteless, the naked in the clip is more artistic.

I am Envying Denise from Soft Ruches I mean have you seen her latest outfit? I never paired pink and red myself because I was pretty sure that it would look clashing. But DAMN it looks amazing even with orange in the mix. If you have not checked out her blog out, go now! and then come back to mine to finish reading this article?

I am Watching Face off, there is a new season and they are currently on episode 5. The program is about special effects make-up and transforming people. It is kind of like top model only the contestants get the challenge to design a character to find a theme. It is amazing, I wished I could work like that. I mean: I am proud to be able to do a non-shaky eyeliner.

I am Lusting for a dark green nail polish. I think it is the ultimate fall nail polish shade but I have not found a brand that had a lovely shade. Actually I am leaning towards the P2 sand polish in dark green. Also a jacket with leather sleeves and a matte black fabric is high on my wishlist. But I am a bit iffy about buying more jackets seeing I want to loose some weight and hopefully I will dress in size.

And on that note. I am losing weight. Not sure what triggered that effect seeing I am still doing tests by my doctor but I lost a few centimeters by my waist and belly. So I am over the moon!

So loves, what is currently up with you?

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