Fleur Teese

Let me start with raving about the fact that I think Dita is one of the most beautiful women. I do know that Dita has some scents for a while now but I do not buy a lot of perfume. But last week I walked into a German drugstore and the perfume was calling my name. I decided to get Fleur Teese, the purple version because the color called my name. She has more scents all featuring similar design bottles. 

Hello! Today we have a short article because I have very little time to write a long currently. I got a few things that are currently up with me...so read more to see what is up.

Hints and tips for me.

I first wanted to make a survey to ask you guys what I need to change on my blog, what you like and what you would do different. But I decided to make an article instead because I did not want to force anybody to answer a whole lot of questions, this is not school. And also because I am no big amazing blogger. So today I wanted to ask if you would comment below this article on what you want to see changed on DennaMichelle. I really want to improve and offer you better quality. So do please take a second to comment!

Healthy food!

Let me start with saying sorry that I skipped Fit Friday a few times. But today I am back with a fit friday. Some know this but I am currently going back to school and school is amazing! To survive school on a healthy note I try to take healthy food with me. I normally do not buy food at the station or at school because they normally do not have healthy options. So today a post with a lot of inspiration what you can take with you to school!

17 Only purple matters

Recently I decided to update my nail polish collection and buy more 'fall' colors. And as you can see the above polish is nowhere near a fall color, but when I saw it I needed to own it. It is an effect topper in pink and purple glitters and it promises a 3D glitter effect. Read more to hear what I think about this one?

S.Oliver studs

A while ago I got the most amazing studs from Zalando but I never showed them off at my blog. I decided to snap some pictures to show them to you lovely gals. I got these a while ago and sadly enough they are not on the Zalando site anymore. I wear these a lot because they match everything and look cute with everything. I am pretty sure these are still being sold at S.Oliver stores. These are really my staple studs that match everything, they are silver with a lot of tiny stones. 

Do leave me a comment with what your pair of 'go to' earrings are.

Cute, Unique and Original

I personally do not wear lenses but somehow I got from all sorts of random stuff suddenly a pair of cute Lens Cases on my eBay page. My mind began to wander and I decided to order one because I could use it to store random crap. But for my lovely readers with glasses I also decided to make a collage with the cutest lens cases on eBay. So read more to see what to get them and a whole lot more cases.

Glitter Ballerinas 

On vacation I bought the most amazing ballerinas ever but I never got round to showing it on my blog. The shoes are a combination of glitter and leather, two of my favorite things. They are a standout even for a pair of flat shoes and they look really great. I actually only wore them once and I am saving them for a special occasion but today I pulled them off the box and decided to snap some pictures for you guys. So read more!

And run fast!

Today my second editorial, I had a lot of fun writing the first one that you can read here. So read more for the next editorial. I do hope you enjoy reading it and leave me a comment.

Go on and spam

I have a blogloving list that would put many others to shame and I check every blog from people that comment. Now I know there are also bloggers that read my blog but do not comment. I want to give them a little nudge/spotlight to spam their blog. I have not yet put one of these online this month, so this is the one time that you can spam your blog in the comments. I personally like it if you tell a bit about your blog, like what it is about and perhaps a link to your own favorite article up to date?

I do hope to find some blogs to follow!

Swarovski boxes stacked

Earings and necklace

Today I am going to show you something I bought from my birthday money. I raved about it a lot, I mean Swarovski world was really a highlight for me. While visiting the most blingy place in the world I had to buy some jewelry. To be honest I had no idea what I wanted and when you are standing in the biggest Swarovski store in the world you have to much to pick from. In the end I decided to pick something classy and mature that I would still be wearing even when 50 years pass. Prepare for some nice bling and read more...

Made in direct sunlight

163, Hey Nude

There are times when you buy something in a "I just want to buy something" mood and then you try it and you mind is blown. Hey Nude from Essence is one of those things. I have a decent amount of sandpolishes and I am not a big fan of nude polishes because they all seem to turn out wonky on me. Why i bought Hey Nude? Perhaps it was because it was a 1+1 discount or because it says Sparkle sand effect. Or I just wanted to buy something not that expensive. All in all the events together made me buy this polish for only €1.69. Read more to see an close-up and read what I think about this.

A mix of amazing stuff from ASOS

ASOS is one of my favorite sites, I especially like to browse the sale because you can get amazing stuff for a discount price. So I picked a few of my favorite things from ASOS and put them together. Click read more to see the links and prices.

Mrs. Brightside & Kiss Kiss Hibikiss

While on vacation I did not bring any lipsticks because I was scared they would melt in the heat. But I started to miss my bright lipsticks and I decided to pick up two colors I did not own yet to wear on my vacation. And yes, I gravitated towards my favorite lipstick brand "Catrice!" I picked up two pink shades. 220 Mrs. Brightside and 210 Kiss Kiss Hibikiss. And how cute are those names! To see swatches and more pictures do read more!

It has been a while since I did a currently, with vacation and such I had a lot of different articles to share. Still I want to pick up my currently. So today an update with what is up currently. Also is the above image not lush? I took it at Swarovski world, it was an amazing display of shapes and colors. But yeah, read more for my currently.

Current haircrush

I raved a lot about dipdye and the dying of hair makes me want to try more things with my hair. With school underway I am a bit iffy about dying my ends a bright pink so I went to search for something different but nothing to 'different' While searching Tumblr I found the underdye, basicly it is just dying the layer under the top layer of hair. When you go for an up-do the layers show. So I found a bit of inspiration, so read more to see all the pictures!

Scarfs and more

Excuses me for not putting up an article yesterday, I had school and other things that took over. But today I have an article for you! I made my current wishlist with all stuff from eBay. I think the perfect thing about eBay is that everything is really cheap but cute. After the cut you can read where to get everything and some more information.

105 Natural Ivory

Today a review that is long overdue. I bought this compact from Maybelline before I left on vacation but never got around to writing a review about it. I did have a long period of testing for this because I lunged this with me everywhere. So do you want to read what I think? Click read more for more information and pictures.

Feeling blue

So today an outfit of the day, I always mention that I am scared to post full body pictures of myself on my blog but I wanted to share this outfit.It is my go to outfit on semi-casual occasions. I curled my hair with the Remington Pearl wand and I painted my nails with the polish I showed recently "Pink & Proud by Essence
A quick rundown from the outfit, the skirt is a H&M 5 euro skirt if I am correct, the tights I got from my granny. The blouse is Primark and the top under it is from a dutch store called Action. The boots are from a market. Jewelry is kept simple with a bracelet I got from my Grannie where I hung my Thomas Sabo charm on, the ring I have no idea where I got it. And the necklace is Mi Moneda with a iMenso necklace.   

So what do you think? Do you want to see more outfits of the day or not?

& The Emperors treasure

So recently I bought a pink 3DS as I wrote about before, I really love my DS but I still have not gotten games for it. I ordered a few games but they still need to arrive. So meanwile I am playing demo's and looking out for new games to get. So I crossed Rhythm Thief a game where you need rhythm, people who know me know I have as much rhythm as a stick. But still I wanted this game, it is about Raphael who has a secret life as a heroic thief who is famous among Parisians for stealing famous works of art only to return it days later. You play as Raphael in search of his father and while doing so you play rhythm games.This game is called the new professor Layton and as Layton fangirl I needed to test this! So read more for some pictures that I snapped and of course a review!

154 Pink and Proud

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people rave about the Essence Colour & Go sand polishes. As self proclaimed sand lover I had to own those, well the nude one. But knowing I am not a lucky person I was not surprised to see none left at my local store. I let my eye fall on a different bottle with a sticker that screamed 'New' So I picked up this metallic purple/pink shade that reminds me of a foil polish. I only payed  €1.69 what is really really cheap. I am not a big fan of the design of the bottle because it looks very childish but I think the color looks amazing. I think it is more a fall color then a summer color but I am really happy I got this one. Read more to see the effect in sunlight, what I think is amazing!

We are the children who never grown up

To be honest I almost never buy anything without a print, I love how some clothing really have a piece of art on them. So while browsing online for some new tanktops I found some amazing prints that I wanted to share. All the tops I will be showing are currently on sale for $4.88. So it is cheaper then cheap but still looks expensive. So read more for more information where to get these and in what sizes.

Prepare for a lot of images

I am back from my little trip, but I found out that there was no article for the 6th of September. I wrecked my head trying to think of something lovely that I could do with my current stuff and the night lighting. I decided not to take some pictures myself but search online for some pictures that I really love. I actually found a load so do read more if you are searching for some inspiration. I found everything on Tumblr and collages it myself.

My top three what I ordered

So I have three things that I really wanted a new mouse, a pair of mirror sunglasses and a vest. So I went to eBay and I ordered these three things. They where actually cheaper then cheap. Lets start top left with the mirror sunnies for only $2.72 they actually have a lot of colors but I showed the one that I ordered and personally liked the best. I adore this trend but I know some people do not like them because they remind them of bikerglasses or bug eyes but yeah I admit I love it. Then we have a little mouse I ordered for my computer  for only $2.52 what is dirty cheap. I wanted this one because it was white and I adore how they look. I know in stores you easy pay 10 euro for a mouse so eBay is really great. And last but not least a knitted lace-like vest that looks far more expensive then the price $4.32. I ordered mine in army green but I got my eyes on beige and black. 

Crayon Pop?

First I want to note that I am away with school for a few days so there will be short articles this week. I am sorry but I had very little time to prepare long articles. I do hope you enjoy it anyways and I will be back soon.

So recently I was strolling round youtube and I came across Crayon Pop a korean girlgroup. This group tries to stand out from the 'typical korean girl group' by there outfits and cute tunes. Some people call them the new Psy. I would not call them the same level as Psy but I did really love the song "Bar Bar Bar" I think the dance is really cute and they are something I have no seen before. I do not think this will go viral in other countries but yeah, I wanted to share. 

Do leave a comment with what you think of this song?

What can we expect this month?

So August seems to be gone in a flash and September is upon us. So today a small sunday article with what you can expect this month, or at least my goals. This month is going to be hectic month for me seeing I started a new education and to be honest school comes before blogging. But I will try to keep posting daily, I am not sure how I can do that with being away next week but I will try to plan in some things. So read more what we can expect.

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