Fun and sweat!

We know those moments where you work your ass of daily with sporting and working out and the moment you hit vacation time it all ends because your leaving to a hotel or camping. But at times we do not realize that we are working out on vacation while just having fun. So a few words of motivation and some tips how you can get your 'workout in' on vacation at a low budget and with a load of fun!

Swimming pool

I know that the moment I hit the pool I think "Yeah, some cooling down from the hot weather' I just move around a bit in the water but mostly I float and lounge while accually I could get a workout in at that moment. I searched youtube for some nice workouts that you could do in the pool without looking like a maniac. The first one is from Self Magazine and my favorite. I love the underwater running she shows.

I also tought this one from Sarah was fun, not my favorite but it does have some nice things in it.


Beach volleybal

Perhaps my favorite workout in the vacation. I mostly pick camping with a beach volleyball field because I know they will organize tournaments and such. It is also a great way to make friends on vacation, I personally travel with my parents so the first day I am alone so to speak. I just search for a volleyball field and ask if I can join. It is a great workout especially because your moving in the sand, your running and jumping and most of the times falling if your name is Denna. Also my favorite thing is that it is working out without feeling like a workout.


And I do know what image walking portrays, fanny pack and hiking into the mountains. While that might be a good workout and fun I was actually thinking about something I find even more fun. Shopping. On vacation you can get things that you can not get at home so I like to shop a lot. What most people do not realize is that walking and shopping is a great workout. First of you are moving your legs a lot from store to store and from car to shopping center. And the more you buy the more weight you have to carry and thus you are training your muscles. Even if you do not plan to buy something, go out and walk to stores and just walk round. It is a great workout.

So these where my tips for working out of vacation. I could write 50 more articles with tips like tennis, hiking, biking and skating but these are my favorites. 
Leave a comment with the way you keep fit this summer on vacation!

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