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Edelweis charm

I should stop with "At vacation I bought" but I am sorry, at vacation I bought a stunning little edelweis charm. I think Edelweis is really something that I link to Austria. I did mention about wanting to start a charm bracelet for ages now and I had an vision that this would be my first charm. But enough blabbering because I only showed the box sofar, read more to see my amazing new charm.

Thomas sabo charm with package Edelweis silver

Thomas Sabo

The thing I adore when looking at the charm you have a 3D shade. It is textured on both sides so you will never wear the wrong side up. Thomas Sabo has sterling silver jewelry and it has a certificate of authenticate. It comes in a little soft bag and a box. I am pretty sure normally these come in an amazing round box but I only got this when asking because the lady only gave me the little bag.  I payed €30 for this what I think is decent for silver. Yeah what more can I say?


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