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Today a tag I recently saw on a blog that I wanted to share with you all. It is a fun little tag with 5 facts about me but with a small twist. It is a tag that highlights some of the things I rock at but are not really that special. So do read more and leave me a comment with your fave things you rock at but are not that special!

I am cheap

Not cheap in not wanting to spend a cent because I adore giving out money and buying new stuff.  A little to much actually, at times I need to bring it all back. But I mean cheap as in I am able to google like a queen and find the thing that I want for cheaper then advertised on certain sites. Especially on eBay when I see something that I like I always keep searching for the same for cheaper. The fun thing is that certain things go for $30 by one seller and $10 at the other. So I invest a little time I save a little money.

I am positive

It is something that I try to do everyday. I know that my mood can cloud other people their mood so I try to be the light as cheesy as it might sound. I have been negative for such a long time and it never got me somewhere so I tried to switch it to positive and I have to admit I am more happy this way.

I rock at dancing in the car

I mean some people can dance really good on the dance floor I can rock it out with my upper body in the car. While I am great at singing in a car I really have to point out my talent for dancing in a car. I can dance to everything while sitting in the car, from classic to rock to the most pop song you can find. I can do head bobbing and arm waving. I have to admit, I did get some strange looks from people in other cars but what is life without a bit of fun?

I am a drama queen

I think the quote "I can create drama out of anything" is very fitting and surely a talent of mine. From walking into something and acting like I just got stabbed 10 times in the eye to crying dramatically at a movie. From guilt tripping people because they forgot something to thinking my life could be made into a movie. Life is more fun with drama?

I can set a great eyeliner

Some people can play a brilliant piece of music, some people can sculpt. Me? I can set a great cat eyeliner. Whenever I wear make-up I go for a cat-eye, when I first starting wearing make-up I wore a shaky line but I wore eyeliner so much the last few years that I can set in a few strokes a nice winged eyeliner that looks like I took ages to perfect it. I do have days where I go wrong and I end up like a panda but most of the days I just have a great wing.

Do leave a comment with your special thing that is not that special.

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