From infinity to wishing till cranes.

So when browsing eBay I normally go for big statement pieces. Go big or go home! But today I made a selection of smaller things that are more mellow but still an eye catcher thanks to the design. Everything is from eBay but most of the pieces are a tad more expensive because some sellers are selling silver plated or gold plated things what of course is better quality then pure alloy. 

To infinity!

Lets start with these Infinity earrings with stones they come in gold and silver and are the cheapest I found for only $0.99. I really like these because they are very similar to the earrings I once bought for my mother at the jewelry store but ofcoarse they where real silver and these are alloy. Still they are very lovely!
These infinity earrings do not feature stones, but these are my favorites because they fit with everything, these are only $1.43 what is dirty cheap for such lovely earrings. These also come in gold and silver and I am debating to get the silver ones for myself.
This Double Infinity Necklace comes in Silver, Gold and Duo Colored and is currently on sale for $19.99 while it originally goes for $60.00

Make a wish

These necklaces in gold and silver with make a wish are my favorite piece in this article. They are just so dainty and cute. And I can see this being worn a lot layered with longer necklaces or just as a single piece. The message is adorable making it a perfect gift in my eyes. they are a tad expensive for eBay jewelry at $12.99 but these are silver or gold plated so you are also getting better quality. 

Straight as an arrow

I somehow recently got a small obsession with arrows, I blame house of harlow with their great arrow bangles. But the above necklaces are also really lovely. These are also $12.99 as the make a wish necklaces but also come rose gold. Again these are platted so better quality.

Knuckle ring heaven!

As I said before I really like knuckle rings. I currently own only a hammered pair in silver, rose and gold. But I also really like the ones that look more special.
Above we have an Anchor that comes in gold and silver what is really lovely and nautical. Also there is a nail design in gold and silver that is surely inspired by Cartier. 
Next we have two unique styles that have the ring bent above and under the knuckle. To be honest I have not seen this design before but I really like it. It comes in silver and gold with stones but if that is to much for you it also comes without stones in Matt Gold, Shiny gold and silver.
Also featuring two bands is this one in gold and silver with a slight texture.
And last but not least we have a big wide band in silver and gold

Eternal necklaces

I do think these eternal necklaces are lovely in their simplicity. They come in silver, gold and rose gold all with a matte texture. Even when it is a simple design I do think it is a standout piece and a lovely thing to give as a gift.


Last but not least a necklace that I have been eyeing for a while now, these crane necklaces are really well made and have a special design and I have not seen a necklace like that before. I actually want to buy these myself but I am debating on gold or silver, what do you think?

So I do hope you like this article and do leave me a comment with what your favorite piece was and if you play on buying anything from this article.

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