3 weeks later

As I said before I left I would be gone for 3 weeks and I set my articles on a time table to get everything online everyday and I am really happy that everything went as planned. But not I am back from my vacation from Austria and I got a lot of stories to tell and some amazing stuff I bought on vacation. For today I got a short article with some of my favorite pictures. Above are three of my favorite pictures from the biggest Swarovski store and museum. And ofcoarse the solar ikea lights hanging from my tent. Read more?

50% healthy 50% candy

The food on vacation is always the best, from my favorite mint ice cream to an egg liqueur style piece of cake. And also some healthy, above right something we make in front of the tent it is a veggie mix with chicken and we bake it on a big wok. 

Lots of hiking, walking and crawling

So I have seen a lot of waterfalls, rivers and mountains. I am not going to write about all of them but I am planning to write one article about a hike that I took seeing that I took over 300 pictures there.

So that was a short "Hey I am back" article.

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