It is a new month

Okay as I am writing this I am kind of cheating because it is not august yet as I am typing this. But when August starts I will be on vacation in Austria camping away in my little tent and laying on a hard floor. You know the usual. But I wanted write my Hello August article so after the cut you can read about my goals for August.

  • Starting T25, The new workout program from Shaun-T. I think it is a great program and I would love to write a review about it. So I do hope I can write it in August or at least start doing it in August. 
  • Include gaming in my blog, I debated on this because I am a gamer myself and this is a personal blog. I am debating between once a month or twice a month a game review or a list of games that I played with my opinion and pictures. So what do you think about gaming?
  • Make social media buttons, My old ones where kind of icky and boring so I am going to make new ones. That is my blog related layout mission of this month. I am thinking about ombre but I am not sure yet what colors.
  • Take better care of my skin, I am one of those people who tends to forget about cremes and toners and other face care. And I really want to change that. So a mission for this month!
Not a lot of goals but my few small goals for August.
What are  your August goals?

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