What kind of files are there.

There are many different files, from cardboard till glass, from small to big and from expensive till cheap. The most known files are made of cardboard and steel, but lately there has been a rise in stores selling glass files. But why should you buy one made of glass? Glass files are said to live a lifetime, the other kind of files get less grainy over time and stop working less and less. Also steel files can snag your nails causing them to chip or crack while glass nail files, on the other hand, help reduce the amount of chipping and splitting when used on a regularly base. I personally did not have any idea how great glass files where till I got them. So read more to see where I got mine.

Where to get them

What you can see I took pictures of my glass files, These orange files I got in a set of 4 for only $1.50. Me being the nice person that I am kept three for myself and gave one to my granny. But after 5 minutes she dropped it to the floor and it shattered in a million pieces. So that is the biggest disadvantage of these files, but then again how many times to you drop your file? I personally really like these small ones, I have one on my desk and one on my bedside table. Also I have in one bag when I am going out. If you prefer bigger files you can also check these out And when you are similar to my granny, these come with a hard case.
Also most stores have files, but I found that a decent glass file cost a bit more then you would pay on eBay. But if you prefer a brand Herome is great and also in travelsize.

My experience

I used to care little for my nails, they would got 'snapped' off when playing volleyball and if they where getting to long I would take a clipper to my nails. My nails where in semi-decent condition but not great. The moment I started to file my names I noticed improvement and I would not go back to clippers. Nowadays I just file when I have a little snag and I try to give my nails a little file every other week. 

What kind of file do you use?

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