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To start this new categorize a short introduction is in order. An editorial is an article that features the writers opinion or vision. It is a sort of collum and I want to try my hand at these kind of articles because I see so much in real life and I get stuck in so many situations where I think "I should write something about this" but because I am mostly a visual blog I had no idea how to incorporate this so I am going to write a few Sundays a week an editorial and I hope you will enjoy it and I do hope I will grow in my writing so it will be nice to read! So my first Editorial, I am kind of excited, the title might give it away I want to write about my experience on vacation meeting a toxic person and what I tought off it.

Dear Toxic person,

I am pretty sure you will never read this because you are not the person to read pretty pink blogs and you have small kids that do not use the internet so I will call you 'toxic' instead of using your name because in those two weeks that I have seen you I did know your name. But lets start with this fact, some people know nothing about the person next to them and some people know everything. Even if I saw you everyday for 14 days it feels like I know everything and somehow after one day you seemed to present yourself like you knew everything but knew nothing. 

Lets start from the beginning of meeting this toxic person, a male of 42. Some say wisdom comes with age, I am pretty sure you missed the bus on that but I am getting ahead of things. Let me tell you about my vacation and how I lived it. I was stuck on vacation with a car that would not take me to all the places I wanted to see, I aimed to run trough the woods and hike to the highest mountain yet the restriction of an unknown place without a car held me back. And then you came standing next to my tent with your shiny car that did work, you took trips everyday and everyday. And I admit every other vacation I did the same thing as you did, But this one we did not because we did not have our shiny new car, that thing was in a car repair shop with a nice man who tried to fix it as fast as he could. 

The people who know me really well see past my looks and see what I am all about. Somehow you could not see past my looks and just saw a fat girl who liked to dress up nice everyday. You saw me playing on my PSP and 3DS, you saw me reading '30 shades of gray' although you did not look at my tablet just my bigger body on a chair I assume. To put it blunt and to state the fact I am working towards to "You saw a lazy fat girl" and lets give a round of applause to the fact that you did not hide your opinion about that. 

There was one big waterfall hiking place that I really wanted to see and you went there in advance because you did have a car. You came back with stories about how pretty it was but that was all you blabbered about. You did not mention if your kids liked it or the story your wife told us about your kids crying the whole way. A few days later I went to the same place and let me start with the fact that it was stunning, it was such a great sight and so many steps and little paths that I could go. I climbed things that I should not have climbed but I wanted to take a stunning picture. I had my heavy bag with me but never I felt tired, And why should I? I am a 24 year old girl who played sports since she was a little sweet girl. I had such a great time and we walked for over 3 hours, it was amazing.

When I came back I had the biggest smile on my face. I had such an amazing time! You walked towards me and asked where we went, it was a sweet gesture so I told you the place I visited. The next thing was not what I expected "Did you go the whole way, I bet you had a hard time?" perhaps this was my mind playing tricks on me because I do not have the biggest self esteem but I assume this was a jab at my condition. I told you it was perfectly fine and I walked away, because somehow I felt to high and mighty to put you into your place or perhaps because I tought you did not mean it that way. Later that week you made clear you meant it that way. 

My lovely readers and readers of the weightloss topic that I love to hangout in know I am very keen on eating healthy. I pick healthy things, I eat variate things and I take care of my body. I might be tooting my own horn but I am proud of that fact but I am fine with people who do not do the same thing as me. It is a choice we make. Now we did go out to dinner on vacation, I assume most people do. We went to a lovely small Italian restaurant and they had so many great pizzas. I went for a pizza that was topped with saladyogurt dressing and a whole lot of veggies. It was heaven! When we came back you walked towards our tent and asked "Did you went to dinner" and my parents told you about the amazing place we visited and how great the food was, I was not listing till my mom mentioned "And Denna had a pizza salad" and as soon as my mom finished with her sentence you looked at me like I grew three heads or just flashed you, I assume the one that is more shocking. You blabbered in sheer shock "You had a salad!?!"
Yes it is shocking that somebody has a salad and that needs a whole conversation. I personally would have found it more shocking if I ate a burger, like the 
judging person next to me did and with that I mean you toxic person. Not that burgers are horrible but everyday 3 burgers is overkill for somebody who judges other people on there clothing size. 

And somehow this article is growing and growing and I still have so much material to rant about. But to make it all short. Yes I do swim, I actually went a lot, but just when you where away on your silly road trips. I do work out everyday and not just hang behind my computer. And yes I am healthy because it is not a clothing size or weight that determens that but a lifestyle. One should not make comments about an other person before knowing them. Because you never know how that person really is judging by their appearance  And to end my first letter to this vile person and to the people that just judge on looks. 

You are wrong.

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