Essie Bikini so Teeny & Models own Southern lights

Recently I fell in love with lilac and lavender colors and I did not have that much of this shade in my stash so I decided to buy Essie in the stores and order Southern lights from the Wonderland collection that you can still get at ASOS for €4.64 here. So read more for more swatching a small review.

The difference

There was a big difference in using these two polishes. Essie was far more easy to apply to the nails, the consistency was perfect while the models own polish was goopy and thick. But even with that fact in mind I do love the models own polish because of the glitter and holo effect. When you get sunlight on it or a flash as the picture below it really shows an amazing variety of colors making it the perfect summer polish.

What is your favorite, models own or Essie?

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